Dubai Layover Challenge: 100 AED in 12 Hours | Visit Dubai

Visit Dubai

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What if you had just 100 AED to spend on your next layover in Dubai? Discover how you can explore the buzzing city of Dubai in just 12 hours, from the fragrant lanes of the Spice Souk to the mesmerizing Dubai Fountains, all on a budget! Do you think you can do it?

Take a quick trip around Dubai:
Dubai Metro:
Coffee Museum:
Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood:
Spice Souk:
Kite Beach:
Al Ijaza Cafeteria:
The Dubai Fountain:

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0:00-0:23 DXB Airport
0:23-0:51 Coffee Museum
0:51-1:28 Spice Souk
1:28-1:55 Kite Beach
1:55-2:14 Al Ijaza Cafeteria
2:14-2:28 Dubai Downtown
2:28 Visit Dubai

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