Discover Dubai On A Budget With Trevor and Marischka from South Africa | Episode 1

Visit Dubai

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When you go on a trip to Dubai, you don't need a lavish budget to explore and Trevor and Marischka from South Africa show you how!

Looking for a holiday that is easy on your wallet and still memorable? Then sign up for a Dubai holiday with all the trimmings of luxury, nature, art, shopping and food. Check out how Trevor and Marischka spent their time in the city exploring the most popular spots starting with 2,000 South African Rand and were still left with change after all that!

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Add these exciting places to visit in Dubai to your list:
Jumeirah Beach Hotel:
Hatta Wadi Hub:
Madinat Jumeirah:
Jameel Arts Centre:
The Dubai Mall:
Time Out Market Dubai:

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Jumeirah Beach Hotel
2:12 Hatta Dam
3:09 Hatta Wadi Hub
3:44 Madinat Jumeirah
4:19 Souk Madinat Jumeirah
5:36 Jameel Arts Centre
6:45 Time Out Market, Souk Al Bahar
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